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Product Specifications

Base: G13
Light color: neutral 4500K
Voltage: 100-250V
Length: 120cm
Luminous Flux: 1700lm
Beam angle: 240°
Wattage: 18W

Product Description

MAX-LED tube emits uniform light in the full visible spectrum without adversely affecting the well-being (do not flicker). With less heat radiation and dramatically longer lifespan (standard fluorescent tube has a lifespan of about 2 years - MAX-LED tubes last an average 20 years - so not only will you save on energy bills but also on maintenance and disposal costs (no mercury !). It does not require the use of starters, ballasts or other external components. It is widely used in garages, workshops, studios, offices, schools, stores, underground parkings and other domestic and commercial facilities.
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It is easy to change it:
Pull out the starter completely. Cut off the wire from transformer and that one, that is connected directly to 230V. The other side must be plugged into 230V.
For luminaires with electronic ballast cut off all the wires and connect the fluorescent LED at 230V (one end - phase, second end - 0)


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