Terms & Conditions



  1. Online Shop (www.maxled.ie / www.max-led.ie) allows to purchase via internet in accordance with these rules.
  2. Orders are accepted by the www.maxled.ie / www.max-led.ie site. After completing the order form the customer receives an email indicating about an order.
  3. By registering or logging in, customer agrees to use the personal data given in the registration form.
  4. The customer has the right to inspect their data, to correct them and make a request to stop their further use, as well as the liquidation their account.
  5. Online shop operating at www.maxled.ie / www.max-led.ie is run by MAX ECO established in Kilcock, IRELAND.
  6. The display of goods on the max-led.ie / maxled.ie site amounts to an invitation to treat only and is not an offer to sell products or services at any price indicated. No contract for the supply of products or goods will be deemed to exist between you and MAX ECO unless, and until, an email is sent by us to you confirming that your order has been accepted and payment has been successfully made. This confirmation e-mail amounts to an acceptance by us of your offer to buy goods or services from MAX-ECO and this acceptance is effective regardless of whether or not you receive the e-mail.
  7. MAX ECO is free to withdraw from a prospective contract at any time prior to acceptance. This also applies in the case of any error or inaccuracy in respect of the goods or services, any description applied to the goods or services, the availability of the goods or services, or the order itself.
  8. Price and availability information is subject to change without notice.
  9. The order will be executed on condition that the item is in the stock. In case of unavailability of the goods included in the order customer is informed about the status of the order an shall decide on how to implement it (partial completion, extension of waiting time, cancel the whole order).
  10. For sales and promotions there is a limited number of goods and execution of orders depends on order in which these orders were confirmed, until exhaustion of goods that are on promotion.
  11. To each order is issued with a receipt or invoice on the customer request. Invoice is issued when all goods ordered by the client are completed and ready for shipment.
  12. Customer may modify the order until the invoice is issued. Customer may cancel the order before shipment. Above changes are possible by contacting the Customer Service.
  13. The price of each product is valid at the time of order. We reserve the right to change prices of goods on offer, introducing new products to online shop offer, effectuate and cancel promotions on our website or make changes. Shipping fees will be included in the prices of goods in proportion to their value. Delivery of goods shall be selected by the customer and specified in the order.
  14. The customer may return goods purchased in our store for any reason within 7 days from the date of delivery. This is possible only when the goods have not been used and has not been damaged in any way. Bulbs must be returned in original, undamaged packaging. Returned goods should be returned together with the proof of purchase and complaint protocol. Shop guarantees the return of an amount equal to the price of goods. The money will be returned within 5 working days by bank transfer to account specified by the customer. The returning cost is not refundable.
  15. Photographs are demonstrative only.  The actual look ofthe product may vary.


All goods available in the store are covered by 12, 24 or 36 months manufacturer's warranty. See descriptions of product for details.

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