Here it is! Product Catalog for 2015


New products in 2015

We are introducing our latest product catalog for 2015. We released an impressive, over a 42-page catalog, which in addition to a very careful arran- gement of pictures and sketches, includes a rich content. In the catalog you will find many new products, that we believe, will be a strong point of sales for the coming year. Worth noting position is definitely LED ceiling lamp and LED industrial luminaire, which thanks to its dustproof and waterproof protection is ideal to illuminate business premises and production halls. Another product are street lamps - usage of latest technology reduces eye strain. Thanks to that it increases safety on roads. Apart from new products you can find assortment, which in previous years has been recognized. These are LED bulbs, LED strips, LED panels and devices to compose intelligent LED lighting.

Added: 2015-06-09

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