LED technology

LED - light emitting diode - is a small LED, which revolutionized the electronics industry to such an extent that today it's impossible to come across them. Thanks to its small size, high efficiency, long life, LEDs are used in heavy industry and in the home or garden.

LED LIGHTING - rapid development of technology related to LEDs, made this type of lighting is becoming increasingly popular. LED bulbs produced for household use have all common sockets MR16, E14, GU10, G4 and all common power sources 12V, 110V, 220V.  Particulary useful is the ability to illuminate the room with bulbs with 12V. This solution can be applied where it is difficult to apply 220V, like in boats, in bungalows - when connected to the battery we have efficient, optimally utilizing stored energy, light source. Using LED tapes we are able to highlight any ceilling, stairs or furniture.

Different models of LED light bulbs scatter light differently - from the spotlight to a fully diffuse.
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