"Reliable Company" Certificate

Certyfikat Rzetelna Firma MAX-LED
We are pleased to announce that our company in certified by the 'Reliability Company' certificate.

Certificate of reliability is an innovative tool for the National Debt Register. The idea of this certificate is to promote the reliability of a payment in buisness transactions, as well as creating a positive image of companies that use it. This is a document exhibited to companies that have joined the program Reliable Company - uses the service of the National Debt Register and do not appear in it as debtors.

National Debt Register (KRD) - Is the first and the largest buisness information center in Poland operating under the Law 'About sharing of economic information' of 14 February 2003, Coll. Laws No. 50 item. 424th

certyfikat on-line

"Nature Friendly Company" Certificate

Firma przyjazna naturze
It is our pleasure to inform you thah we are participants in the 'Nature Friendly Company' program implemented by the Organization for Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment 'AURAEKO'. The program aim is to promote idea of sustainable development, that is buisness managment, without endanger the environment. Through the participation and filling the assumptions of the program we take care that the equipment puchrased by you after the consumption does not endager the environment. Electrical and electronic equipment is marked with this pictogram:

Firma  przyjazna naturze

contains many dangerous substances, which after use are a huge threat. Note, however, that negative consequences do not  result from dangerous substances, but a bad procedure with elecronic junk

As GRUPA MAROX S.C. we want to invite you to participation in this program to come together to protect the environment from degradation. Just follow the instruction below for proper disposal dangerous waste

Instruction of proper products removal


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