Here it is! Product Catalog for 2015

New products in 2015 We are introducing our latest product catalog for 2015. We released an impressive, over a 42-page catalog, which in addition to a very careful arran- gement of pictures and sketches, includes a rich content. In the catalog you will find many new products, that we believe, will be a strong point of sales for the coming year. Worth noting position is definitely LED ceiling lamp and LED industrial luminaire, which thanks to its dustproof and waterproof…read more

Max-Led Panel Comparison

The difference between LED Panel light and traditional fluorescent tubes Panel is noticeable straight away with less energy consumption up to 50% (depend on fluorescent tubes wattage used in panel) ! The light emitted by LED Panel is Twice brighter (As you can see on photo). LED Panels can be found on our website more


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